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Information for Exhibitors

The 55,000 square-foot Expo Center is centrally located and provides easy access for show vendors and for the general public. From the 800+ free parking spaces on the outside to the 18’ high ceilings and wide open spaces on the inside, the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center is ideal for any promoter. See detailed information about .  

Note: For exhibitor information for the HBA Home & Garden Show or the HBA Home Show, contact Shirley Rouse at 719-592-1800 ext 17 or [email protected].

Social Media Promotion

When you book an event with the Expo Center, our management team will promote it on Facebook. If you haven’t already, please "like" the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center page so you can not only see the posts, but share them as well:

If you have pictures of your event we’d be happy to upload them to our photo album. If you post them to your Facebook page, we will share them on ours. Contact [email protected] to find out the best way to send photos. Please be sure that all of your promotions refer to “Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center.”

Image Requirements for Website

The most compelling way to promote your event on the Expo Center's website is through high-quality graphics. Please use the following guidelines when submitting artwork:

  • Images and Logos: JPG, GIF and PNG file formats are accepted
  • Home Page Banners - 1280 x 350 px for desktop; 1280 x 400 px for mobile
  • Event Detail Pages - Approximately 300 x 200 px
Note: If you do not have a graphic designer who can create a banner, we may be able to create one for you if you provide sufficient artwork for us to start with. Contact [email protected] with questions. 

Banners and Signs

Please deliver banners to the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center at 3650 N Nevada Avenue for the following:

  • Pylon Sign (the sign that identifies the building as the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center)
  • Top position: 3’4” x 5’0”
    Bottom 2 positions: 2’5” x 7’7”

  • Monument Sign (the stand-alone sign on the southeast side of the facility)
  • Top position: 4’ x 8’

  • Above the Entry Doors
  • Your choice of sign, but 4’ x 8’ works well.

  • Flyers/Posters
    If you have any posters or flyers printed that you would like put around the Expo Center, please bring those to the General Manager, Kirk Standley. Posters or flyers can be put on the entry doors, above the water fountains and in the restrooms. Dimensions of flyers and posters are 8 ½ x 11 (portrait).
  • Yard Signs and Directional Signs
    There are thousands of cars that drive up and down Nevada Avenue each day, as well as Fillmore and Austin Bluffs. We encourage you to have signs put out as soon as possible to notify drivers of your upcoming event. Any signs put out before noon on Friday may be removed by the City of Colorado Springs. To obtain a permit for the sign, please contact:

    Sue Matz
    Analyst II/Revocable Permit Coordinator
    Land Use Review Division, Planning & Development
    30 S. Nevada Ave, #105, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    Phone: 719-385-5355  | [email protected]
Note: There is an exemption that allows for temporary signs in rights-of-way up to a maximum size of 6 square feet from Friday noon to Monday noon (this includes the small push-down signs). Any banner type sign advertising a specific event would need to get a banner permit from the Development Review Enterprise with the cost for the permit at $10.00.

Need Assistance?
If you aren’t already working with a banner/sign company, please feel free to contact any of the following HBA members who can assist you.

Budget Sign, Chuck Sebald: 719-635-8811
Custom Flag Company, Inc. Fred Mahe: 720-849-4556
Fusion Sign and Design, Jean White: 719-651-7058
Hammond Promotion, Whitney Hammond: 719-266-3852